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Adding VIP Pay Rule

Adding VIP pay rule

Once you have set up your VIP payment rule, the final step to complete its implementation is to add its rule. The below steps guide you through this task.
1. Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit the app.
image.png 632.81 KB
2. Move to ‘Advanced,’ then select ‘Manage Rules,’ the first option. 
image.png 452.53 KB
3. Click on ‘+New Rule’ (or + Add link inside an already added Rule). 
Multiple Rules
Optional rules: When you want users to meet with any one of two or more rules, example pay through PayPal or with Cash
Combined rules: When you want users to meet with all of the selected rules to proceed. Example, pay ‘Cash’ and ‘Address’ is needed

Click on the ‘+ New Rule’ button to add as ‘optional’
Click on the ‘+ Add’ button to add as ‘combined’ (while there is already a rule)
image.png 344.8 KB
4. Select the 'VIP Payment Rule' on your left options list or select 'Add' and choose the 'VIP Payment Rule.' 
image.png 358.39 KB
You can combine VIP Rule for owners, friends with other rules for regular paying customers for example.
5. Save the rule.
VIP Payment Rule