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Setting Up COVID Tracing

Setting up in admin 

In order to implement COVID-19 tracing app, you need to enable app user QR code to uniquely identify each user. Then enforce user registration with phone number entry, and logging into your app. With these completed, you're ready to move on to the next subsections in this document.
1. Admin > Settings > Bottom Bar > Settings > Profile QR-Code. Switch on the 'Enable QR-Code for App Users.' 
image.png 526.99 KB
2. Move on to the Register tab in Bottom Bar.  
  • Enable, Register first (optional)
  • Enable, Require Phone Number 
image.png 279.05 KB
3. Optionally, under the Login tab, you can also enable, Force to login. 
image.png 340.82 KB

Creating tracing scanners

These are the scanners you can deploy on entrances and other areas where people enter. At entry, you can scan their QR codes. Once you create scanners, you can use any mobile device to login, ideally smartphones, to start using it.
1. Move on to  Admin > COVID-19 Tracing > Tracing Scanner. 
image.png 279.44 KB
2. Click on the 'Neuer Tracing Scanner' button. Enter the Tracing Scanner name and a password on the following screen. 
image.png 464.21 KB
Entering descriptive Tracing Scanner names in a large organization with multiple scanners is ideal. 
3. Create it. 

Log-in to tracing scanner

Log in using any mobile device, preferably smartphones to start tracing.
1. Admin > COVID-19 Tracing > Tracing Scanner. 
image.png 291.14 KB
2. Click on the scanner that you wish to log in to. 
image.png 459.4 KB
3. Click on the 'How to login.' And, choose one of the options. 
image.png 528.19 KB
4. Logged in using browser here: 
image.png 100.34 KB
5. Start your contact tracing. 
image.png 273.94 KB
Covid Tracing Plugin