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Managing Article Groups


It is easier to manage and maintain article groups once you have a clear view of the existing setup, especially when you have many article groups with links to too many articles.
1. Admin > Article Groups > Overview. 
2. Select an article group. 
image.png 275.44 KB
All article groups with linked articles. 

Edit linked articles

With this edit, you're not able to change the article. But you can change the settings you made while linking an article to your article group, such as overriding the price.
1. Click on the edit icon.
image.png 276.32 KB
2. Link edit screen opens up. Change as per your requirement (Change the link to a different article, delete it, or other amendments to the Price and Value). 
image.png 481.11 KB
  • Value:  If you want to set a limitation on how many articles of these a user can add to their cart. For example,  when a user orders A Kilo of Sweetness if you wouldn't want them to add more than  two Gummy Bears, you set this value to 2
  • Price: Articles have prices when you create them. This option allows you to override that price

Edit/duplicate article groups

Click on the 'Edit' button to edit the article group:
image.png 455.22 KB
Click on the 'Duplicate' button to make a copy of the article group: 
image.png 401.73 KB
Article Groups