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Adding YesStreaming to Content

YesStreaming on content

When you have subscribed with a YES Network service, you can follow these simple steps to livestream the content on your app.
1. Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app.
image.png 228.65 KB
2. Expand the Media group and then select the 'Yes Streaming Player.'
image.png 611.74 KB
3. Enter the YES streaming details.
image.png 468.05 KB
  • URL: Your streaming URL from the service
  • Autoplay: If it needs to play as your app loads
4. Click on the 'More Options' button and move on to the 'Settings' tab.
image.png 583.52 KB
  • Server Type: Select your server type as per service recommendation
  • Mount Point: Choose the mount point or leave it with the default
  • Autoplay: If it should play auto on app load as you selected in the main page
  • Logo: Upload a logo so your users can easily identify the audio content
5. Move on to the 'Design' tab to customize the UI of this element.
image.png 599.13 KB
  • Background:  Background color of the element
  • Button color: Buttons' color
  • Song title color: Song title color
  • Artist color: Article name color
6. Save changes.
YesStreaming Player