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Configuration of the points calculator

How to setup your points system.

To create a form you need the form generator plugin. How to create a form you can find here.

When you have your form ready, open the platform and go to "Form Generator > Manage Forms".

1. Select the form you want to edit

image.png 436.49 KB

2. Click on "Points" to configure the calculator

image.png 595.41 KB

Using pools

With pools you are able to put points into different containers. Based on the results of this containers you can redirect to a specific landing page.

For example: You can create three pools:

Pool 1: You lift too much
Pool 2: You lift good
Pool 3: You lift too less

Based on the selection in the form, you can put points in any pool and then show a landing page to explain the results.
If you are not using pools, you can go to the next steps and use the system pool "Total points".

1. To create a pool, click on "New" and enter a name and identifier for the pool. Complete this step by pressing on "Save".

image.png 2.46 MB

Calculating points

1. Click on "Points", then click on "Add" and select a field and value from your form

image.png 2.21 MB

2. Customize the properties:

Add / Subtract: Select "Add" to add points or "Subtract" to remove points from the selected pool
Pool: Select a pool or select "Total points"
Points: Enter the amount of points to add / subtract

You can repeat this step for more values from your form. Once you are done, click on "Save".

image.png 2.29 MB

Setting landing pages

When you have set your points and calculations, click on "Landing pages" to set the landing pages to show, based on points or rules.

1. Click on "Add" and select first the pool. If you don't use pools, select "Total points".

2. Then select when this landing page should be shown. There are two different types / rules:

Highest amount of points: This landing page will be shown, when the selected pool has the highest amount of points compared to all other pools.
Greater than: This landing page will be shown, when the selected pool is higher then the entered amount of points

3. The last step is to select a landing page. If you don't know how to create pages, click here.

Click on "Save" to save the changes.

image.png 2.35 MB

Last updated at 21.02.2023 00:40