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Setting Up

Creating Scavenger hunt 

With the Scavenger hunt you can create games and for each game you need to add a widget into the app. Follow the steps below to create and manage games. 
1. Admin > Scavenger hunt > Manage. 
2. Click on the '+ New Game' and 'General' tab opens up. Give a game name.
  • Game name: Give a name and create to complete
  • Edit: The user can click on the blue 'Edit' button to edit the game name or delete.
3. Move onto 'Appearance' tab and upload locked picture and unlocked picture, which is mandatory option. 
  • Locked picture: Upload a locked picture for the game. Each code will be hidden with this picture.
  • Unlocked image: Upload a unlocked picture for the game. Each code will show this picture unless you set another. 
4. Now, move onto 'Won' tab and enter a title, text and picture to be displayed when codes are scanned. 
  • Title when won: Give a title to be appeared when codes are scanned
  • Text when won: Give a text to be appeared when codes are scanned
  • Picture when won: Upload an image to appear when codes are scanned. It is not mandatory option 
5. Click on 'Create' to complete the setup. 
6. The user can click on the 'Edit' blue button or the 'Codes' yellow button. 
  • Edit: The user can replace or delete the game created.
  • Codes: For each game, you need to add a code to the app
7. The game is created and now the user can create codes by clicking on the yellow 'Codes' button. Click on '+New Code', the general tab opens up.
  • Title: Give a title to display when the code is unlocked / QR-Code is scanned
  • Text to display: Give a text to display when the code is unlocked / QR-Code is scanned. Add a hint to the next code too.
  • Sort: Enter a number to order / sort the codes.
8. Move onto,'Optional' tab. The user can use this option, by default if unlocked picture is taken from the game itself you can override it here.
9. Click on the 'Create' button to complete creating the widget. 
The user can follow the same step to add more widget to a game.


With the Scavenger hunt settings you can manage the global settings of the game.
1. Admin > Scavenger hunt > Setting. 
  • Text when printing: You can set a text when printing QR-Codes with Zappter Print-Library
  • Enable developer mode: If enabled, you can enter the Code in the web-app (because the QR-Code reader doesn't work)
2. Save the changes


With Scavenger hunt result page it displays a list of scanned codes of the users.
1. Admin > Scavenger hunt > Results. 
2. The 'Results' page displays the list of scanned codes of users.
Scavenger Hunt