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Event Bookings on Workstations

Receiving customer event bookings, and managing them is the responsibility of the staff, who use the stations to do their tasks daily. Follow the steps to log in.

Logging into your workstation 

Follow the steps to log in.
1. In the Admin side menu, Team > Stations. Click on an existing station on the content side. 
Note that the term 'station' and 'workstation' are used interchangeably in the app and the documentation. 
  • Edit: If you want to edit the workstation
  • How to login: To log in to the workstation
  • Change the password: To change the password of the workstation
image.png 449.63 KB
2. Log in. 
image.png 449.61 KB
3. Login details are displayed with a link to log in.

  • Use, 'Sign in to browser' options to use an internet browser to sign in to your workstations
  • Use, 'Sign in with your app' option to use your mobile device with the app as a workstation
  • The option, 'Log in as admin' allows you to use a workstation to log into your admin module
image.png 518.6 KB
4. Login displays with name and password. Click on the 'Sign in' to log in to the workstation. 
Once logged in, a station looks like below: 
image.png 97.74 KB

Receiving an event booking - workstation 

There are six parts to a workstation's dashboard:

  • Incoming
  • Completed
  • Deleted
  • Online Bookings
  • Events
  • Closing
image.png 97.74 KB
1. Incoming: Whenever a workstation receives an order, booking, request, or an event, you see them under this option with the 'type' field differentiating what is received. 
image.png 111.34 KB
When the you click on the 'Event' option the below displays,
  • Participants: Takes you to the events detail
  • Completed: Reject the event booking and inform the user with a short message
2. Or you can click on the 'Event' toolbar to access all received events only. 
image.png 167.68 KB
Event-System / Drop-In
Last updated at 05.07.2022 18:35