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Creating your first app and app identifier

Learn how to create your first app and app identifier

To create the app identifier open your Apple Developer Account:

1. Navigate to "Identifiers" and click on the plus icon

image.png 222.36 KB

2. Select "App IDs" and click on "Continue"

image.png 515.79 KB

3. Select "App" and click on "Continue"

image.png 239.45 KB

4. Enter the following information

Description: Enter your preferred description, we recommend to use your app name.

Bundle ID: Your Bundle ID is given by Zappter. Do not use any other Bundle ID.
To view your Bundle ID you need to be logged in.

Login to view your Bundle-ID

Capabilities: The following capabilities must be enabled

- Associated Domains
- Network Extensions
- Push Notifications
- Sign In with Apple

image.png 353.24 KB

Do not enable other capabilities. Each capability is getting reviewed by Apple.
Make sure the following capabilities are activated / checked:

image.png 114.73 KB

5. Once you are finished, click on top left on "Continue"

6. A message will appear on top, you can ignore it and click on "Register"

image.png 876.16 KB

7. Click on "App Store Connect" to navigate to the App Store Connect-Page

image.png 454.48 KB

8. If you need to login, use the same credentials as for the Apple Developer Portal. Once you are logged in, click on the plus icon then click on "New App".

image.png 178.03 KB

9. Enter your details:

Platforms: Select "iOS"
Name: Enter your App Store Title (this should match with the app store title that you have set on Zappter)
Primary Language: Select your main language (this should match with the language you have selected on Zappter)
Bundle ID: Select your bundle id

Login to view your Bundle-ID

SKU: Enter the following SKU

Login to view your Bundle-ID

User Access: Select "Full Access"

Continue by pressing on "Create".

image.png 312.61 KB

Congratulations, you have successfully created your first app & app identifier. Let's go ahead and create the Apple Distribution Certificate.
Last updated at 02.08.2022 23:20