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Splash Screens / Slides

Say "Hello" to your app users! Use Intro Slides to guide your guests through your app with beautiful intros. A must for all apps!

Wow, your users' onboarding experience with an impressive intro tour for the first time they use your app. Or, at any moment, change settings to show up every time users log in.

Intro slides, presentations

Create beautiful slides instantly, as many as you need for a View. Drag & drop to adjust slide sequencing.

Slides, contents, behavior

Set colors for Slides and user navigation buttons. And define if you want to show them once, always, or whenever a new Slide is added on to the set. To the content, add images, image sliders, videos, titles, texts, columns, and tables as you do on any other container.

Customize your classic sidebar to something special & smarter; add text contents, media, link, predefined menu actions, or show a popup.
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4.90 USD / Monthly
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