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Whether you own a handful of small stores, a diversified conglomerate with different brands, or a franchise restaurant stretching across cities & countries; you need a multi-store app that can manage things centrally while operating individually. Stores plugin does just that.

Multi-store template

Create a template default Store with sample contents & design aspects such as fonts, colors, and buttons, etc.

Multi-store branches

Create Stores to represents your physical store or a branch which will inherit characteristic from the default template store. You can overwrite wherever to suit the branch’s identity.

Contents cloning

While characteristics inherit, contents such as Articles, Reservations, can be copied from the default template store to a branch store, and be modified to meet store requirements.

Unique store

So, a branch store gets the characteristics & contents from the default template store, you simply create branch-specific additional data, such as user login, resources, and stations, etc.

Cross-store login

Easily cross login, back & forth. Let employees access different branches at the tap of a button.
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