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Drag-and-Drop App Builder to Create Your Business Apps in Minutes 

If you think you can't afford a mobile app for your business, think again. Can your business afford to run without one today?

Consumer behavior has changed significantly for the last few years as mobile apps became a crucial part of everyone's life. Then the pandemic proved they are paramount to running any business and surviving an uncertainty of that magnitude.

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Fortunately, you no longer have to set huge budgets with resources and hiring needs or plan years ahead of investing in a mobile app for your business. The drag-and-drop app builders have advanced enough to build your business apps in minutes with features addressing all your business goals.

Why Use a Drag-and-Drop App Builder? 

If you wanted to develop or build an app something like eight years ago, the chances are that you will have to hire a qualified developer, which is expensive. Alternatively, you would be forced to learn how to code. Regardless of the option you would choose, it will mean dipping into your pocket for money and spend a lot of time in the process. 
However, in the last few years, there has been an increase in the no-code app builders - thanks to emergence of cloud computing, the Software as a service, or popularly known as SaaS, became a business model that allows customers to pay a monthly subscription to use the software hosted on a remote computer. 
At the same time, there was rapid market evolution of mobile apps as they were becoming part of everybody's life; they were becoming part of learning, earning, booking, buying, product reviewing, and you think of anything.
It created the need for every business to own an app to the extent that business owners find it hard for their businesses to survive without one today.  The existing talented developers available to build these business apps are not sufficient. So the SaaS-based app builder start-ups popped up to fill the gap. 
These SaaS app builder sites have helped many businesses grow as the business owners and individuals can create their own apps within a short time without writing a single line of coding.
An app is made up of several components to create its User Interface and features to give its users the best experience and meet business goals. 
A drag-and-drop app creator makes it super simple for anyone to create an app by dragging and dropping premade components and features in the app creator to complete user interfaces and features of the app. 
But these drag-and-drop app makers have transformed the way how people looked at having their own mobile apps for their businesses and personal uses. 
Before these drag-and-drop app builders become prominent on the market, developing mobile business apps means high-budget projects, each involving a large software team and takes months, if not years to go-to-market. And, each project had to maintain different teams to develop the app for Android and iOS. 
Even though the large and complicated requirements still have to depend on developers, the drag-and-drop makers have given some relief for businesses with requirements that don’t necessarily need to spend on developers to have their mobile presence. 

 How to create an ecommerce app? 

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 How to create a food ordering app? 

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Benefits of Drag-and-Drop App Builders 

1. The months it takes to develop, only takes minutes or hours. There is no ideation, wireframing, UI designing, UX analysis, or development level of testing as the heavy work is already done by the vendors. 

2. There is no need for collaboration between developers and business users to understand the business goals because business users develop their apps.

3. These drag-and-drop app creators operate as SaaS (Software as a service) model, where the software is available through cloud access and businesses pay a monthly fee. It is advantageous for small businesses as it cuts down on large upfront investments in app development and makes it a monthly paid subscription fee that can be part of their operating costs.

4. It is also advantageous for small businesses to have their mobile presence with high-powered, awesome mobile apps that could otherwise be impossible to own in terms of overall quality, annual maintenance costs including upgrades and bug-fixes. Because the app builder provider takes care of all of these, plus makes sure the technology, design, user interface, and features stay up to the minute and competitive throughout the subscription period. 

Digital Transformation: How drag and drop app creators influence it?

We live in a world where digital transformation has become a key factor for any business's success. The conventional players, large corporations, and big brands have been developing cutting-edge mobile apps and connected technologies to support their innovative business ideas to win over their competitors. 
It creates an unfair advantage for one side of the business owners when the others struggle to adapt to the technologies due to lack of funds,  resources, or the exemplary leadership to see the importance of digital transformation. 
The drag-and-drop app maker platforms are a boon to these businesses that struggle to find a way to accelerate or take the first step towards their digital transformation. These platforms enable business owners and the team to develop their mobile business apps with full customization to meet their goals without ever writing a single coding line. 
As a result, businesses start to achieve their digital transformation journey almost instantly, without blocking a colossal investment or going through a traditional life cycle of software development (SDLC). 

How a Drag-and-Drop App Builder Works? 

When you drag-and-drop elements, the builder’s framework works behind the scenes to set up the pre-existing widgets in its libraries to add the components and user interface elements. The end result is a stunning app in minutes, thanks to the top-notch hand-picked developer teams working behind to simplify app creation for users without any knowledge of programming. 
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What Makes the Best Drag-and-Drop Mobile App Builder? 

Today, the drag-and-drop app makers are quite popular and widely in use, and a preferred solution among the small business communities. 
There are many providers, each one with its pros and cons. In this post, we don’t go into a comparison among these products— to keep things fair; but we look at some of the important features in common and these features are a must-have for any business that wants to build its mobile presence and stay competitive. 
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1. Simple and quick signup process without hidden costs. When you signup, you should be able to start building your app instantly with or without a product tour — a user-friendly product takes your business users to the task immediately.

2. Apple App Store and Google Play Store: Make sure your app is ready for Android and iPhones users. Look for app store support and ASO (app store optimization) from within the app builder.

3. App design: Your app’s design tells a lot to your users about your business. It reflects your brand, appeals to engage more, and gives a lasting user experience. When selecting the right product for your business apps, one of the primary concerns should be to make sure the vendor offers a range of app designs or templates. And more importantly, you should be able to tinker or tweak these templates to represent your brand image. Design customization should go down to any granular detail or your app would end up looking like another generic template.

4. Scalability: The builder should be able to adapt to your changing business needs and scale along with the business growth. Look for existing features, and how likely the platform to come up with constant updates with new features to stay up to the ever-changing consumer demands.

5. Ensure the vendor offers user training materials like guides, product overview, online chat, and support contacts.

6. Ensure the target drag-and-drop app builder is capable of handling e-commerce to the detail. If you’re building for taking up bookings or events, ensure it can handle detailed reservations, resources, and availability calendars.

7. You should offer your customers with multiple payment methods. If they don't find their preferred payment option, they might abandon the cart and move on, never to come back. Make sure your app builder supports all popular payment methods.

8. For any business, especially if you’re at the early stages, target audience reach and conversions can cost you a lot with your marketing budget. Also, consider a product with built-in features that can cut down on the marketing costs effectively.

9. Last but not least, the pricing: there are quite a few best free app builders around that allow you to create your own app at the core. When you scale up, you would be required to subscribe to the features as your business demands. 

Top Do It Yourself Apps with a No-code App Builder

We picked a few of the popular sample app ideas to empower your business dreams. Check out how easy it is to build an awesome app with drag-and-drop app builders for any business needs using similar steps.

Online Spa Bookings 

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Salons & Barbershops 

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Blogging & Affiliate Marketing 

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Top Drag and Drop App Builders


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Zappter is our choice not just for being our own product, but it's due to the features it offers in abundance that can meet any challenging requirements of business owners planning to develop their business app.

Being relatively new on the market as it was launched early this year (2021), it never looked back since then. Its user base has been growing exponentially, so have been its new features that support more business requirements and enhance customer and mobile user experiences.

The all-new design concept of Zappter is innovative, simple, and it makes business app building straightforward and economical. Here is how it works:

Every business runs on its business model to make a profit out of selling its products and services. For instance, a hotel sells its room nights, and F&B, a hair salon sells its services, etc.

When you build your app with Zappter, you pick one of the four suitable business module plugins covering your business model to develop your core. Additionally, you add extra features to enhance your core business, such as loyalty points, promotions, vouchers, and more.

Core business modules: 
  1. E-Commerce: For online sales
  2. Reservations: For online bookings
  3. Events: Event sales, bookings, drop-in sales, ticket sales, and promotions.
  4. Places: For designing and doing business through proximity service options.

Other plugins and features: 
  1. Additional business support features such as taxes, shipments, modifiers, ingredients, and more.
  2. User experience (UX) enhancement features include loyalty points, multi-languages, app themes, user interface components, colors, and more.
  3. Features to support your marketing strategy, such as email marketing, push notifications, landing pages, CRM, app store publishing, and more.
  4. Features to support your branding; probably the most customizable content editor that supports customization at any granular level to help your branding needs, custom domain, iOS, Android publishing, and more.
Feature highlights
  • A comprehensive e-commerce builder plugin.  
  • In-depth booking plugin that can cover booking needs of complex operations such as hotels, or a simple spa with few resources.
  • Events drop-in plugin can instantly turn your app into a online events sales machine.
  • more to come up...
App Design Customization and Templates
There has been a misconception with drag and drop app builders; people don't realize the difference between an app generator and the drag and drop app builder. Here is the main difference:

  • App generators are products that use the same template with or without minor UI customization and allow businesses to build an app for their business
  • However, Zappter and other leading app builders are not typical app generators. Out platform allows to build apps for any businesses with unique app designs, UX and UI. And we offer ton of features to further customize your app to address all your business requirements
Pricing and Subscription
Zappter offers limitless features through its marketplace plugins, and these plugins continue to grow constantly. Pricing is straightforward, you only pay for business module plugins and continue to enjoy using all other plugins and features free of charge. To get an estimation on cost of building your app, check out our main page for Cost Calculator.
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When any user registers first, he/she can try complete app building free for 14 days.

Customer Reviews

  "I like the adaptability of this product. Most of my clients are startups and established small hotels and hotel tech providers. Whenever they look for a quick, economical, and brandable app for their business, I most of the time suggest this product and I do help them set up their app on a web app, and App Store, and Play Store " - Capterra Review