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eCommerce App Maker: The Mobile App Builder Features to Enhance Online Shopping Experience in 2021 [Without Coding] 

Here is the glossary of terms, features, and functionalities in the eCommerce app builder. Click here to learn more about using Zappter eCommerce app builder,

App builder

An app builder is a software you use to create your mobile apps without doing any coding, and submit the app for publishing on app stores like Apple's App Store, Google's Play Store. Most of these app builders (also called app makers) create web apps for instant use. Zappter is such an online app builder where users can register to make their mobile apps for web app, iOS, and Android

Content manager

Content manager is the editor that a user can utilize to add, edit, and delete content on mobile apps. The content can be text, images, audio, video, maps, etc.

Designer (Content designer)

When content editor helps adding, updating, deleting content, the Content Designer is used to customize the app design. Learn here, how to create your app content
Content designer:
image.png 592.51 KB

E-Commerce plugin

Zappter works with plugins. Any new feature comes in as pluggable feature for users who want the functionality can install. eCommerce plugin is one of such plugins and it enables all features required to sell online.

  • Here is the link to E-Commerce plugin, its user manual with step by step instruction to implement it.
  • Check out here what you should check in an eCommerce app builder before creating an app for your eCommerce business.

Readymade eCommerce templates

In the Zappter marketplace, there are hundreds of unique eCommerce prebuilt designs or app themes that you can choose to build your app and start your eCommerce store instantly.
Zappter is a unique, modern app builder that takes a different approach with readymade app templates. It simplifies getting you started using your favorite template and offers you every feature to turn your app design into a great-looking design of your brand.

So users who build using the platform don't need to worry about App Store restrictions such as this one: "4.2.6 Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected." 

When building your eCommerce app, you can pick a template from the marketplace
Hundreds of  eCommerce and other app designs in Zappter marketplace:
image.png 435.04 KB

iOS and Android publishing plugin

This plugin allows you to publish your app on two major app stores, Apple's App Store for iOS and Google's Play Store for Android. When you installed the plugin, it adds an option on your admin side menu, iOS & Android.

Once you're complete with creating the content in the app maker and tested your app functionality, you are ready to publish using this feature.
It guides you throughout the process step by step until your app is published in these stores. Read more about iOS & Android App plugin. 
iOS & Android App plugin:

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Product categories

A product listing page (or PLP) is an essential part of a successful eCommerce website or shopping app. To help a potential buyer make a purchase decision, we know that an individual product listing page should have: clear title, short description, detail, multiple images, pricing, possibly a video, features, and more data depending on the products. 

But before finding the right product to buy, your customers should know the path to enter there. It's where your intuitive product categories help enhance the shopping experience of your app users. And, it keeps your app well organized and uncluttered. 

In Zappter, you have Categories (also called Subpages) to achieve that, and features include:

  • Adding images
  • Short description and the detail below
  • Create Subpages specifically for selected users by assigning them tags/segments in built-in CRM. Then link the Subpages to these tags/segments to ensure only these users have access to this particular Subpage. It is ideal for an e-commerce store that sells certain items only for buyers in a country, city, or state due to regional regulations imposed.
  • Then create a Category with discounted items or a list of convenience goods and link it to the app's bottom bar or upper bar for quick access.
  • Organize your online store effectively by creating different levels of product categorization, hierarchy. 
Well, you can also use the Search Bar feature in the app maker to provide an option to search for products. However, when you show a potential buyer the product category with many products, you're increasing the opportunity for a user to learn about other products, possibly more purchases.

Visit this page to learn more about product Categories and how to implement them in your shopping app. 
Product Categories plugin in marketplace:

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