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Customize bottom bar

Customize your bottom bar

Bottom Bar is enabled by default. In order to disable or customize, follow the steps described below. 
1. Admin > Settings > Bottom Bar. Opens with the General tab selected where you can disable the Bottom Bar that has been enabled by default.
image.png 433.62 KB
2. In the Login tab, you can customize the login screen title and the text, and apply translations to your app languages. 
image.png 477.19 KB
  • You can make users forced to log in
  • Disable social media log in
  • Set a background image 
3. In the Register tab, you control how your Bottom Bar reacts during the user registration. You can customize the title, text, and apply translations to it. 
image.png 500 KB
  • You can enforce user to register first
  • Make phone number mandatory
  • Enable entering credit cards after registration
  • Upload a background picture 
4. In the Forgot password tab, you can upload an image to customize the screen background. 
image.png 442.23 KB
5. In the Profile tab, you can enable or disable showing the user profile icon in the Bottom Bar. Then you can also select the placement, color, and icon. 
image.png 521.27 KB
6. In the Home Button tab, enable a Home Button inside the Bottom Bar and customize it. 
image.png 443.74 KB
7. In the Orders tab, you can customize the orders icon that appears inside the Bottom Bar. 
image.png 488.42 KB
8. In the Profile QR Code, enable QR Code for the user profiles.  
image.png 531.44 KB
9. Save changes.
Customize Bottom Bar