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Country Rule

Country rule in shipment

Shipment costs vary from country to country depending on many factors. In the below section, you can learn how you can set up shipment rules to handle country-specific shipment charges in your app.
1. Admin > Shipping costs. You get two options (buttons); Rules and Settings. First, the Setting is to set or amend the shipment pricing, size, and id related options. Using the Rules button, you set the conditions that apply to your defined shipment charges. Since you're going to set a condition that applies the charges based on country, select 'Rules.'
2. All your existing shipping options (charges) display. Click on the one where you need to add your 'country rule.' 
3. Shipping option opens with two options; Edit & New Rule. Select New Rule.
  • Type: Type of rule. Select 'Country for shipment.'
  • Dependency: This is the condition that should be matched. Select 'Matched' to say the country should be equal to what?
  • Value: This becomes a list of countries. Select a country from the list.
4. Click on the Create to complete adding the rule. From now on, this shipment cost applies if the country is what you have selected in the rule.
Shipment costs