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Setting Up

 1. Admin > Settings > Signing App. 
2. In the General tab, your URL is there, and below that, you can enter your document/project/contract or any document-specific parameter to customize its identity. This will help you later when Zappter sends a notification back to your webhook.
 3. In the Popup tab, provide the project/document/contract name. The placeholder texts are fine for the rest.
 4. In the Multiple Signatures tab, enable the feature, if it requires multiple signers to sign it.
  •  Under the 'Custom Button,' add a button with the required caption for additional signers
5. In the Webhook tab, configure the URL where your corporate webservice captures the signature completion notifications.  Notice the Additional Parameters matching with what is given in the General tab.
6. In the Finalize tab, enter screen instructions as the placeholder texts suggest.
7. In the Decline tab, enter a message as in placeholder texts, for signers who reject to sign. You can also set an alternative URL direction on the declined requests. 
8. In the Forwarding tab, enable the email subject when forwarding.
 9. Save the changes.