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Linking Articles to Inv. Items

Linking inventory to selling items

When an inventory item is linked to a selling article, the quantity of the inventory item reduces whenever the article is sold. Importantly, a single selling article can be linked to multiple inventory items, of each, you can set the quantity to be reduced when there is a sale on that article. 
It also helps you better manage inventory costing - for inventory costing with ingredients, you can use this option. To keep things simple, here is an illustration of a selling article to one inventory item link.
1. Admin > Customize > Content.  Select the selling article > More options.
image.png 589.54 KB
2. Move on to the Inventory tab, and link the inventory item using the 'Choose existing. ' button.
image.png 382.16 KB
  • Set the quantity of the store item that needs to reduce when this article is sold under the Amount field
  • Select the warehouses from where this inventory item should be picked when the article is sold 
3. Save.