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Search Bar

Easily add an automated search bar into your app.

The Plugin - Search Bar Design

Your app listings, hierarchy, and navigation can be perfect. But a Search Bar is a must for users who want to navigate to where they want to, quickly and easily. It's sometimes less complicated for certain users too. This plugin adds a search bar to your app.
A considerable number of users prefer searching products or services directly using the 'search bar.' These users are highly likely to purchase the products or services that they are trying to find.


  • Simple to add
  • Sleek interface that doesn't distract rest of your content

Install the Plugin 

To install the plugin, navigate to the marketplace. Search for ‘Search Bar’ or enter a few letters in the search; all matching plugins display, and you can install the plugin. That’s it! You now have the   Search Bar plugin up and running. 

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