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The most customizable stamps & loyalty-system for you and your clients.

The Plugin 

Build your loyalty to sell more to your repeat customers using Stamps. This plugin enables you to create a stamp collection with a number to specify when the stamp gets completed and ready to be used as a payment method. Your users can collect stamps whenever they purchase through your app and when that set number is reached, the user can buy using his stamps as a payment method.
The most customizable stamps & loyalty-system for you and your clients. 


  • Set up stamp default messages and UI
  • Define the number of stamps (purchases) that makes a collection
  • Set the monetary value of a collection
  • Switchable auto receive stamps on purchases
  • Manual / QR Code scanned stamp collection at the stations 
  • Allow full price options when redeeming

Install the Plugin 

To install the plugin, navigate to the marketplace. Search for ‘Stamp-system’ or enter a few letters in the search; all matching plugins display, and you can select to install the plugin. That’s it! You now have the  Stamp-System plugin up and running.