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WooCommerce Connector

Integrate your WooCommerce Shop with your own App!

The Plugin 

With this plugin, you can integrate your WooCommerce shop with your app. Then you can import WooCommerce products into your app articles in the following ways:
  • Perform one-time import of your WooCommerce products, if you're using the integration first time
  • And, set up regular updates to sync WooCommerce with your app automatically 
Maintain your products in WooCommerce and the Connector keeps your app uptodate with your product listing, no more product re-entries. 


  • eCommerce integration
  • One-time export
  • Import summary with detailed success/failure rates
  • Auto-saving of import configuration for repeated usage
  • Scheduled regular import for new products and updates
  • Supports, CSV and XML import files from WooCommerce

Install the Plugin 

To install the plugin, navigate to the marketplace. Search for 'WooCommerce Connector' or enter a few letters in the search; all matching plugins display, and you can install the plugin. That's it! You now have the WooCommerce Connector plugin up and running.