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This plugin integrates your app with Mailchimp so that you can manage your app user engagement with email newsletters, special offers, auto-responding, or other email marketing activities and get an engagement insight in Mailchimp.

The Plugin

Mailchimp is a purpose-made tool for mailing lists, newsletters, automated campaigns, and any email marketing. This plugin enables you to integrate your app with Mailchimp for pushing your app user contacts so that you're able to manage your email marketing in Mailchimp.
Improving your email marketing means you're building better relationships with existing customers and the prospects as you're reminding them of your brand from time to time. This integration helps you do it with the right tool, efficiently.


  • Manage subscriptions within your app
  • When integrated, your app notifies if an app user is in your Mailchimp list and subscription status
  • Export your contacts 
  • Provide an opt-in when user register to receive promotional emails
You must have CRM 'My Customers' plugin subscribed.

Install the Plugin 

To install the plugin, navigate to the marketplace. Search for 'mailchimp' or enter a few letters in the search; all matching plugins display, and you can install the plugin. That's it! You now have the Mailchimp plugin up and running.