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Setting Up in Shopify

Settings in Shopify

Integrating with your Shopify store starts with setting up the below in your Shopify account:

  1. Create an app for your Shopify store that you need to integrate with Zappter
  2. Then configure the API scope of the app mentioned above. This is where you enable read/write capabilities of your Shopify store's customer data, analytics, categories, products, orders, etc.
  3. Finally, get an API token that you will use it in Zappter to enable integration with your Shopify store.
Currently this integration supports Products & Product Listings.
Creating a Shopify app
1. Log into your Shopify account and choose your store that is going to integrate with Zappter.
accounts.shopify.com_store-login(ekran).png 76.99 KB
2. Select "Apps" on your side menu, then move all the way down to locate, "Develop apps for your store" option.
3.jpg 262.71 KB
3. Above steps take you to "App development" screen where you can click on the "Allow custom app development" button.
4.jpg 170.31 KB
4. If it is the first time you are creating an app under your account, you get an additional confirmation screen. Consent the warning by clicking again, "Allow custom app development" and proceed with next step.
5. Click on "Create an app" to proceed.
5.jpg 180.55 KB
6. Give your Shopify app a name and click on "Create app" to move forward.
6.jpg 166.41 KB
7. In the next screen, select "Configure admin API scopes" to start selecting the read/write access of any element that this integration will provide to Zappter. 
7.jpg 191.78 KB
8. The next screen shows the list of available elements that you can allow in this integration and control read/write access. It becomes the scope of your integration as well.
Shopify app creation provides integrating with several Shopify objects such as customer, orders, products etc., and setting read/write access levels for each of them. Zappter's ShopifyPro plugin currently supports Product Listings & Products.
9.jpg 244.69 KB
9. At the upper-right or very end of this screen, you can hit on "Save" to save the API scope.
10.jpg 285.5 KB
10. Navigate to "API credentials" tab. And, "Install app" to create the API token. Confirm the prompt.
16.jpg 204.07 KB
11. Once the above step is completed, Shopify creates your API token that you can view only once.
Important: Make sure to save your access token safely as it is revealed only once.
18.jpg 256.39 KB
12. Finally, note down the "Admin API access token" and the "API secret key" on this page. These information will need to be used in Zappter to complete your integration.
image.png 214.84 KB
You're now ready to move on to Zappter to complete the settings.